Ironwood Michigan: Just wanted to tell you again how absolutely stellar your performance was Saturday night. Your interpretation of the film captured the mood of each and every scene and blended seamlessly with the action. For me, it was a truly memorable performance! In case you didn’t notice, the audience was equally in awe. You were simply fantastic … please hurry back to Ironwood so we can experience, again, the sound of our Barton played so masterfully!
Dr. Tom Peacock, organ curator

Lansing Theatre Organ Society: From a superb concert to a beautifully accompanied film, Andrew proved himself to be a first-rate performer and a top-notch musician – Scott Smith

Court Street United Methodist Church:  Thank you very much for your performance last Sunday here at Court Street for the jointly-sponsored concert by Court Street and the American Guild of Organists.  It was a treat to hear you again and enjoyed by all –GREATLY!!!!!!  I enjoyed hearing ALL of your styles of music!!! – Dr. Joy Schroeder

Niagara Frontiers Theatre Organ Society: Your skill at the organ was well-recognized by the continued applause and the standing ovation.  Your arrangement and handling of the silent film musical score was superb, despite the projection difficulties – John Lizon

Temple Theatre Organ Club – Saginaw, Mi:  Three cheers for Andrew!  He presented an excellent well-performed program.  The variety of music he selected, from “Boom-boom” to his sensitive interpretation of Tchaikovsky, held our interest throughout the entire program.  I have been to concerts where I’ve sat squirming and sighing “When will this be over?”  Not so at Andrew’s concert.  It was an afternoon of stimulating entertainment!

Flint Theatre Organ Club:  Andrew played a full two-hour concert of old favorites from the 20’s and 30’s to a very delighted audience.  He played a great variety of music from popular to light classics.  The audience particularly enjoyed his light-hearted stories and jokes between numbers.

Quad Cities Chapter ATOS:  On behalf of QCCATOS, may I express our sincere gratitude for your outstanding performance last Sunday.  Several members remarked to me that they really appreciated your lite classical selections.  You brought out the best in the Wicks!  – Bill McFadden

The Great Escape: – Toledo, Ohio – Just a note to say what a spectacular job you did for us last night.  Both content and delivery were top shelf and everyone was very complimentary.  Even the board members at our meeting Tuesday night were ecstatic, and they are usually the most critical.  We felt it was one of the most entertaining programs we have had in a long time.  – Bill Yaney

Wolverine Theatre Organ Society: Andrew proved to be his own man – both with music and wit.  He played with such a free-wheeling style that Rachmaninoff’s Prelude soon sounded an awful lot like Malaguena.  Fortunately, Rachmaninoff returned in time to reclaim his composition before it ended.  He soon played a tune which led us to believe that he and Father Miller had enjoyed a music lesson or two in the same “music school”, sounding much like some of Father Jim’s “Classics”. – Charlie Baas

Rochester Theatre Organ Society: We enjoyed your concert so much!   We sort of compare all of our guest organists with Tom Grierson; He was known as Rochester’s “Mr. Theatre Organist”  You sure were great!  You got some wonderful sounds out of the instrument. – Muriel & Ken Gums

Our Organ Club – Toledo, Ohio – You really outdid yourself with your selections of music.  They thoroughly enjoyed the whole concert.  Your stories were great.  All were probably making notes – I was! – Corky Davis

The Critics Down Under:

The Tibia – Queensland Div.:  A fine theatre organist…played very expressively in a style as interesting as Fr. Jim’s, but uniquely his own…with such a delightful personality.

The Norfolk Islander:  His versatility was experienced by us with his wide range of musical numbers and an exhilarating encore!

Professor Maria Wyke, London England: This was the first time I heard a silent film accompanied on an organ; usually I’ve just heard it with a piano. I loved the organ and what you did with it to accompany the film.”